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Spot on Roofing services range from domestic repair and installation to large scale, commercial and industrial properties. With over 30 years experience we are amongst the leading flat roof specialists in staffordshire. Give us a call today for a non obligation quote.


Built up felt roofing

Felt roofing is utilised in many applications, such as extensions, garages, dorma roofing, porch roofing, roof gardens and balconies, making this one of the most common types of flat roof covering in the UK.

Asphalt : Roofing: Tanking : Flooring

Asphalting is one of the recognised specialist trades in the building industry, and the type of asphalt primarily applied to buildings is known as mastic asphalt.

It is used to waterproof roofs, basements, front entrance steps, rooftop car-parks, driveways, domestic and industrial floors and even ornamental fish ponds.

Mastic Asphalt flooring is a solution that can be installed quickly and efficiently to create a flat damp free surface. It is flexible enough to cover any existing surface such as concrete, quarry tiles and floorboards. It’s quick cooling properties help mitigate against disruption reducing commercial losses e.g. contractors or staff can normally return to the premises 2/3 hours after the installation has been completed.

Guttering & Facias

Guttering is vital to any roof (especially with the Great British weather we have). Professionally installed guttering will last for a very long time and effectively control the flow of rain water from the roof to the drains at ground level without leaking. Fascias’ are part of the finish for your guttering. A fascia goes along the length of guttering to either conceal or sit behind the guttering, making for a neat and dry finish. FLAT ROOF SPECIALIST